Senior Speed

Senior Speed

Senior Speed Squad is a varied training and competition programme designed to improve technique, strength, and speed, while maintaining aerobic fitness. Training in this group is most suited for swimmers aged 14 and over with experience competing in open meets and team events.

There is a more flexible approach to training and competition attendance to cater for swimmers involved in multiple sports and those with busy schedules. Sessions will be delivered to a high standard with an increased focus on specialising towards individual strokes and distances.

Swimmers are encouraged to take more ownership and responsibility for their performances, continuing to train, race, enjoy swimming and potentially volunteer for the club can set a great example for our younger members.

The training week is structured to provide swimmers with a mix of speed, race pace and recovery swimming, combined with strength and mobility sessions in the gym. Swimmers are expected to be able to fully participate in all activities, if notified in advance our coaches can adjust sessions to help return from illness or injury. 

For current session times head over to the timetable but if you want any more information or are interested in joining, visit the join us page, complete the form and one of our coaching team will be in touch.