Development Squad


This is the first level of the Bobcats Competitive Swimming Pathway and is suitable for children aged 8 – 11 years. Training focuses on preparing swimmers to enter both individual and team competitions, this requires continual development of stroke technique, starts, and turns to ensure swimmers reach competition standard.

A minimum commitment to attend 2 sessions per week is required to make progress in all strokes, skills and to improve physical fitness.

Regularly entering competitions is the best way for young children to learn about the sport, coaches can spend more time helping swimmers to improve and they are an opportunity to support teammates and make friends.

Swimmers will be encouraged to enter the following competitions:

Individual Competitions (Open Meets)

Team Competitions (Friendly League, Micro League, Arena League)

Coaches will advise parents or guardians which competitions are suitable for each child and can answer any questions regarding the entry process.

For current session times head over to the timetable but if you want any more information or are interested in joining, visit the join us page, complete the form and one of our coaching team will be in touch.