At Bobcats we love competitions and the benefits they bring to our members who take part. We pride ourselves on running our own highly successful meets and regularly hold league matches and club championships. It’s not just about being the fastest, there are lots of reasons why we think competitions are great:

We have put together two documents for you to read:

Why All Swimmers Should Enter Competitions

Entering Your First Open Meet


Licensed Open Meet is the term given to an officially recognised swimming competition organised under Swim England rules, to defined standards of organisation and refereeing. They form the structure of competitive swimming and are organised into distinct levels: 1, 2, 3 & 4 (4 being the lowest level) and enable swimmers to gain qualifying times for County, Regional and eventually National Championships.

If you have any questions about galas please talk to your coach or a committee member or if you want to know more about swimming competitions and the different levels in England there is an excellent article on Swim England