Junior Performance Squad

Junior Performance

Junior Performance Squad is where children progress from being swimmers to young athletes. Training in this group is most suited to children aged 10-13 years, however this largely depends on individual growth and development. Learning how to train effectively is most important at this stage, this includes working together as a team to bring the best out of each other.

All training and competition for athletes in Junior Performance Squad will be planned and delivered with a long-term focus. The aim is to ensure that young athletes have the time and space to develop, set and achieve goals, learn from mistakes, and most importantly continue to enjoy being a member of the team.

Maintaining long term focus requires increased commitment from both the young athlete and parent. Training more frequently, morning training and gym training are important steps in a swimmer’s development and are introduced at this level.


A minimum commitment to attend 4 sessions per week is required to make progress in all 4 strokes, race skills and to improve physical fitness (Endurance/Speed/Strength).

Saturday morning pool and gym session is compulsory, this is essential team development time and race preparation ahead of competitions.

The Friday PM session is by invite only, it is designed to offer an additional session for athletes preparing to move to Senior Performance or Senior Speed Squads.

Athletes are expected to be able to fully participate in all activities; if notified in advance our coaches can adjust sessions to help return from illness or injury.

For current session times head over to the timetable but if you want any more information or are interested in joining, visit the join us page, complete the form and one of our coaching team will be in touch.