Senior Performance

Senior Performance

Senior Performance Squad is multi-year training and competition programme, suitable for athletes aged 13 and above and/or those with a high level of physical and emotional maturity who are prepared to make a long-term training commitment.

The aim is to ensure that athletes have the required base of skill and physical fitness to make significant progress aged 16-18 years.

Training and competition are periodised to target peak performance at specific times of the season. This form of training is required for any athletes aspiring to compete at national level and above but demands great resilience to continue training and racing through periods of tough work. Clear goals and an athletic lifestyle outside of the pool become increasingly important at this stage.

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Athletes are encouraged to take more ownership and responsibility for their performances and to act as role models for younger swimmers. Senior Performance Squad is not just about developing great athletes, but also great people with excellent character, determination, and resilience.

The training week is structured to provide swimmers with a mix of speed, race pace and recovery swimming, combined with strength and mobility sessions in the gym. Swimmers are expected to be able to fully participate in all activities; if notified in advance our coaches can adjust sessions to help return from illness or injury.

For current session times head over to the timetable but if you want any more information or are interested in joining, visit the join us page, complete the form and one of our coaching team will be in touch.